is a unique portal connecting the entire IT fraternity digitally. The platform is targeted to benefit the OEM/distributors/sub distributors/ resellers/retailers and SI partners who can create their own catalogues & enhance their reach and business.

OEMs get a chance to reach out to partners at the remotest locations across India with just one click. Opportunities to market & promote their products and services to the appropriate channel partners and create PAN India partner network efficiently.

Distributors/ Sub Distributors have the opportunity to associate with more resellers/retailers all across the country and collaborate with them to ensure business growth. Complete inventory management system helps them keep track of sales and monitor all new orders through the portal.

Partners through their catalogues can reach out to their regular customers with the customized shareable link and connect them to their own E-Store. Special offers, trending products and all other schemes can easily be communicated through a single platform to multiple users.

Portal also provides a complete inventory management system that can be monitored by the partner to keep track of sales through the portal.

Connect with the entire IT fraternity and

Grab the opportunity for your business growth